Atavism Records

Atavism Records is a Burgundians independent label.

Atavism Records is a Burgundians independent label which is there to promote and develop regional Extreme Metal scene. But also for bands of any kind (corresponding anyway to the expectations and label criterias) to be able to discharge their hatred to the nowadays' world. The approach must be honest, sincere speech otherwise do like trends, sensitive souls, the emo-sexuals, gothics, moralists, or other policies go your way and go dump your stupid and infantile frustrations elsewhere. F.O.A.D.

No dogma, no politics, just fuckin 'hate!

Burgundy eternal.
04/27/2017 - New Release

Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!

Than the Black/Death Metal fans are enjoying, the first demo of Absolvtion "Obscure Catharsis" is now available on the shop.
This music with abrasive and enraged riffs won't let you insensible especially for those being fan of brutal and primitive music.
This demo is limited to 100 copies and is delivered with a digital download code.

Metallian :
"Au programme: des riffs crasseux, une batterie funèbre, une ambiance glacé et un chant tout droit sortie des abysses".

Thrashocore :
"Un sentiment de rage qui va ainsi servir une ambiance nihiliste, bruitiste et destructrice du meilleur ".

This first demo is to be put next to bands such as Pseudogod, Archgoat, Vassafor, Pseudogod, Revenge...

04/27/2017 - New Release

The first album of Lvx Hæresis named "Descensus Spiritus" is available on the shop of Atavism Records.
"Descensus Spiritus" claims a musical vein that wants to be solemn, suffused and possessed.
A majestic aura for a dark music which is accompanied by a lithurgic and bubbling with passion vocal.
The seven verses composing this work emit a beastly, powerful and terrifying energy.
The album is available in Digipak.
This first album is to be put next to bands such as Mortuus, Funeral Mist, Ondskapt...

ARV 003 Lvx Hæresis: "Descensus Spiritus"

12/21/2016 - New Release

Finally, the first demo of Absolvtion is online and in full streaming !
For those who want, you can pre-order it on bandcamp and on the website and receive it in digital format with HD sound during the waiting before the physical support which should arrive soon.
The demos will be send to you at this moment.
Only 100 copies will be available.
This first demo is to be put next to bands such as Pseudogod, Archgoat, or even Vassafor.

    A.R 013Absolvtion: Obscure Catharsis

    The track "Hammer of Judgement" in listening here:

    12/19/2016 - Promos !!!!!!!!

    As the holidays getting closer, we prepared to you a little something, because we’re a bit nice…

    The "Atavism Unholy Sales".

    Reach end the 31th december and according to available stock.
    Les remises se font sur le total de la commande.
    Write to indicating the contents of your order.

    5 tapes purchased = Discount of 10%
    10 tapes purchased = Discount of 15%

    5 CDs purchased = Discount of 15%
    10 CDs purchased = Discount of 20%

    5 LPs purchased = Discount of 20%
    10 LPs purchased + EPs purchased = Discount of 25%

    10/21/2016 - New arrival

    • Tapes:
      • Banish: MMXVI
    • CDs:
      • Diapsiquir: Anti
      • Paroxsihzem: Abyss of Excruciating Vexes
      • Lord of Depression/Infernal Sacrament/Tetragrammacide: Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate
      • Serpents Lair: Circumambulating the Stillborn (Digipack)
    • LPs:
      • Darvulia: Mysticisme Macabre
    • Patchs:
      • Malhkebre: Obscurus Religiosus
      • Osculum Infame: 100 % Satan & Negativism
    • Metal Pins:
      • Malhkebre: Logo
      • Sektarism: Logo

    10/10/2016 - Nouvelle Release

    The Swiss Occult Black Metal horde Lvx Hæresis joins Atavism Records for the release of their first album in CD named "Descensus Spiritus".

      After the release of their first single unanimously acclaimed by the critics, the band will unveil their first opus in 2017.
      Atypical, hypnotic, spiritual and virulent, the Black Metal of Lvx H?resis delivers a liturgical and transcendental music, inspired by bands such as Ondskapt, Mortus and others. The coven was able to give to its music a personality of its own, thus avoiding becoming another ersatz of the present orthodox scene.
      The seven verses which compose this new effort will be enough to convert you and transform you into a devotee of the helvetic coven.

      The album is currently at the last stage of preparation, there are still details to be worked on before the revelation of the Holy Word.
      To make you wait until the genesis of this first release, here is their first single which came out in 2015 e.v, "Adoratio. Lvx. Tenebris".

      03/23/2016 - New Release

      After some inconveniences for which we apologize, the first opus from Goatslave, “Procession of Doom” is finally available.
      This album is made of eight hymns which will remind you the raw and possessed Black Metal of bands like Sadomator, Necroblood, Archgoat or whether Blasphemy.

        ARV 002Goatslave: Procession of Doom

        Artwork et logo par Chris Moyen.

        03/09/2016 - New Release

        To all Devotees, a new collaboration is born between Waiting for my end and Atavism Records.

          ARV 001Waiting For My End: Our Need of Consolation is Insatiable

          Whereas some use music as entertainment, Waiting For My End, a new solo project from A.K. (Merrimack / Decline of the I), I knew would generate a universe of its very own.
          His music, filled with pain and distress, has allowed this monster to build a real cathartic venture for listeners, that we are plunging deep in our tormented emotions in order to liberate ourselves.
          "Our need of consolation is insatiable" is a Black Metal album that will atone for all the pain that lies dormant in us through these incisive riffs, cold and devoid of human feelings. It is music that would be nothing without the tortured screams issued by A.K.
          Haunting, dark, acerbic, sometimes crossed in a fit of madness, W.F.M.E. fully releases the perfect defeatism of the suicidal writings of Dagerman.
          This is what you should expect with this beast; forget Black Metal's conformity and conventions, forget long-standing labels and codes, AK has been able to make Waiting For My End a truly unique project.
          Artwork et logo by Maxime Taccardi.

          12/19/2015 - New Release

          Atavism Records is proud to announce a pact with Coatl, mexican horde playing a destroryer and nihilistic Black/Thrash.
          The band will release is first demo en february 2016.

            A.R 011: Coatl: Clehérectico

            Coatl, Nahualt’s meaning for Serpent, is born from the mind of Hellfire (Warfield), appeals the help of Mexican’s Underground services to breathing life to the Beast.
            Coatl, is a right name for our Mexican Horde, music blands perfectily with reptilian symbolism!
            It Seeks Dreadful and toxic, as the Serpent seizing you, grinding you ant letting his poison spread in your whole soul, and letting you agonize after hearing this Demo.
            Coatl devote his art to Black/Thrash and mix strong, rough and groove riffs with yell vocals on Cuauthémoc’s language, offering to their music a catchy and warrior side!
            An Insurgent Black/Thrash, Following the Punk’s scene and bringing in you an uprising feeling.
            Limited to 100 pro tape copies.

            12/19/2015 - News

            Here is the cover of Procession of Doom from Goatslave created by the Master Chris Moyen.
            This EP is made of 7 tracks for 35 minutes of War Metal.


            01. Intro
            02. Salvation Desolation
            03. Throne of Hate
            04. Finished by the Wolf
            05. Procession of Doom
            06. Six Sex Satan
            07. Goatslave
            08. Kingdom of rats

            12/19/2015 - New Release

            New jewel of the french underground scene, Absolution joined the ranks of Atavism Records for the release of their first demo planned for March 2016.

              A.R 013: Absolvtion: Obscure Catharsis

              In a country where War Metal is not well known, Absolvtion is there to carry the torch to the firmament and and take possession of the throne which belongs to him.
              "Obscure Catharsis" which is none other than a glair in the mouth of the underground scene.
              25 minutes of bestiality who will know how to bend and force you to kneel down by their intensity and their strength.
              A demo punctuate of epic passages which will allow you to let reappear feelings of revolts hidden in you to let out the most resentful and belligerent feelings ever slumbering deeply in the depths of your soul.
              To place to the rating of bands like Pseudogod, Archgoat or Vassafor.
              Limited to 100 pro tape copies.

              10/01/2015 - New Release

              A new union was sceled by the partnership between Goatslave and Atavism Records.

              Procession of Doom will be the first cd from the band.
              Worthy Heir of primitive Black metal as we have known early 90's, Goatslave is a new born in French's scene.
              The band stands with great artists like Sadomator, Necroblood, Archgoat or whether Blasphemy.
              Procession of Doom is a tribute to human filth, deep-rooted hatred and the Great Goat.
              This album is nothing more than a call for revolt against general apathy and dissipated reality of this world.
              Those 7 tracks reminds us than Black Metal is after all disgust, filth and fury.

              The cover and the logo are made by the Master Chris Moyen.
              This first CD will be released through Atavism Records.
              More informations to come...


              The track "Throne of Hate" in listening here:

              08/07/2015 - New Release

              After severals delays, the split between Atavisma/Maur is born !!! This split is the opposition between the oppressive brutrality from the Human and the mesmerizing smartness of Mother nature (Thanks to T. from Scholomance Webzine.)

                A.R 010: Atavisma/Maur: Buried In The Ethereal

                Atavisma, with its music with old school influences and with the stenches of doom divested of humanity will know how to submit you to its yoke by crushing you, by erasingcrushing you and by leaving six feet under.
                Whereas Maur delivers atmospheric Doom inspired by Mother Nature as fertile as cruel, with an atmosphere tinged with Death Metal and with Black Metal, a mesmerizing music which will escort you into the other world.
                A split where the aura of the Death smooths thanks to these two evolving bands, each in different styles, but having for common purpose to spread the atavistic Word of the Death.
                Limited to 100 copies.
                Pro tape.
                The confrontation between " the buried and the ethereal" is finally came to life and is available on Atavism Records.

                10/16/2014 - Nex Release

                I'm proud to announce than Grave Upheaval will release some merchandising through Atavism Records. !!!!!

                A set of Button limited to 100 copies.
                Available for the end of october.

                Grave Upheaval

                Spread the Word

                10/13/2014 - New arrivals

                • Patch:
                  • Dodsengel - Logo woven patch
                  • Nightbringer Logo / Sigil woven
                  • Svartidaudi - Coat of Arms purple patch
                  • Svartidaudi - Circle logo patch (red/black)
                  • Verbum Verus - Sigil woven patch
                • Tape:
                  • Vuimago: Vurahva

                10/13/2014 - New Release

                Second collaboration between Arkhtinn and Atavism Records, to offer to the rest of the world the second offering from this formation to the desperate and ethereal music.

                  A.R 006.2: Arkhtinn: II

                  After a first album released there's a little more than one year, Arkhtinn come back to us to hurl us the deathblow with his new offering soberly entitled II.
                  An album colder, roughness which not letting reflected nor ray of light nor hope. Any shape of humanism whatever it is aims to be is snatched into the vortex of Arkhtinn !
                  As for I, II is made of two tracks, a first one with sharped riffs, but also mesmerizing and hypnotic keyboards and vocals devoid of any form of hope. And a second one, which will accompany you across the pain, to immerse yourself into an ethereal world, a world of loneliness and of icy beauty. He will devour your entrails thanks to his intimate and individualistic's Black/Ambient, which is not to share with the sheep you cross all the days.
                  Your fears, your distress, your pain !
                  A production which is clear and bitter in the same time, allowing at the music of II to let re-appear all the distress which sleep into you, awakening all those feelings of despair that you had buried up to there.
                  Limited to 150 copies.

                  Available during december, meanwhile, here is an trailer.

                  09/15/2014 - News

                  The next offspring from Atavism Records will show herself into the face of the world under the shape of a Split with influences appearing from a bygone era.

                  It will be the mortal alliance between Atavisma, promising french's formation and the young Indonesian's band, Maur.
                  A split where the aura of the Death smooths thanks to these two evolving bands, each in different styles, but having for common purpose to spread the atavistic Word of the Death.
                  Atavisma, with its music with old school influences and with the stenches of doom divested of humanity will know how to submit you to its yoke by crushing you, by erasingcrushing you and by leaving six feet under.
                  Whereas Maur delivers atmospheric Doom inspired by Mother Nature as fertile as cruel, with an atmosphere tinged with Death Metal and with Black Metal, a mesmerizing music which will escort you into the other world.

                  Split offering an equilibrium between an old school universe and an universe with doomies influences, where the oppressive brutality of Death makes front to ethereal influences of Doom.
                  And of course, as any old school projects which respects itself, this infernal offering will be released in tape's format limited to 100 copies.

                  More informations soon...

                  09/14/2014 - New arrivals

                  • Tapes:
                    • Baise ma Hache: Ab Origine Fidelis
                    • Human Serpent: The Gradval Immersion In Nihilism
                    • Necrosemen: And All Shall Be Smitten By Fyre
                    • Qrixkuor: Consecration of The Temple
                  • CD:
                    • Shaddaï: From Mute Remains

                  08/19/2014 - News

                  A special edition of the first demo of Avitvm will be available for the trve maniacs...
                  The first 45 first tapes will be accompanied of a badge to the loyal revolutionaries !
                  3 differents badges will be released to celebrate the uprising from Avitvm !
                  15 of each one, exclusivly sold with the 45 first tapes.

                  Here are the visuals:

                  07/07/2014 - New arrivals:

                  • Tapes:
                    • 13th Moon: Abhorrence of Light
                    • Vorage: Vorage
                  • CD:
                    • Wolok: The Silver Cord
                  • Patch:
                    • Deathcult: Logo

                  26/26/2014 - New release

                  Atavism records is proud to announce the release of the first demo from AVITVM, band came from the french underground.

                  A.R 009: Avitvm: Demo MMXIV

                  Coming from the meanders of the slums of the South of France, AVITVM reveals us a Black Metal without concession, radical and patriotic.
                  Melodic, powerful and militant, the music of the band is inspired by its westerners predecessors by going from Dark Fury to Brume d'Automne.
                  It reveals us a world deprived of respect, bringing us to our legacy, our fights, teaching us that our Fate depends only of us.
                  This epic and elitist demo transmit a feeling of uprising above a modern world, at a time of dissolution.
                  A new dawn for resistance.
                  Pro-tape strictly limited to 100 copies.


                  The track "La Race du Grand Remplacement" in listening here:

                  05/16/2014 - New arrivals
                  • Tapes:
                    • Nadra: Eitur
                    • Bölzer: Aura
                    • Cult of fire: Ascetic Meditation of Death
                    • Monarque: Lys Noir
                  • CD:
                    • Atavisma: When Wolves Once Dwelled
                    • Sigillum Diabolicum: Monothéisme: Le Grand Culte Mortifère
                    • Vintergeist: Nemossos
                    • Weltbrand: The Cloud of Retaliation
                  • Patch:
                    • Nocturnal Amentia - Logo

                  04/01/2014 - News:

                  Badges: LVTHN


                A.R 002: Hasserben/Searing Skull: De Vesontio Ad Argentoratum

                Split-CD gathered the francs-comtois from Hasserben and the alsaciens from Searing Skull.
                A Co-Production between Atavism Records/D.U.K.E.
                Limited to 500 copies.

                Hasserben Sample:

                Searing Skull Sample:

                09/01/2011 - New arrivals
                • Tapes:
                  • Afflictis Lentae: No Escape from the Jaws of Hell
                  • Christicide: S/T
                  • Fhoi Myore: Anno 2009
                  • Sektarism: Hosanna Sathana

                • CDs:
                  • Darkenhöld/Fhoi Myore: Split
                  • Mind Asylum: L'Asile de l'Esprit
                  • Mourning Forest: De la vermine

                • Ep:
                  • Aryos: Prophétie Acide

                08/12/2011- New arrivals
                • CDs:
                  • Corvus: Corvus
                  • Kristallnacht: Blooddrenched Memorial: 1994-2002
                  • Veles: The Black Ravens Flew Again
                  • Deathronation: Exorchrism
                  • Total Hate: Necare Humanum Est

                • LP:
                  • Szron: Zeal

                • Patch:
                  • Supplicium (logo)

                • Fanzine:
                  • L'antre des damnés XIV

                06/29/2011 - New arrivals
                • Tapes:
                  • Faagrim: ...und Winter kam
                  • Innsmouth: The Departure of Shub-Niggurath
                  • Supplicium: Atrae Ponae

                • CDs:
                  • Malcuidant: Et les cieux s'assombrirent...
                  • Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis/Gorgon: Split

                • Patch:
                  • Innsmouth (logo)


                The first demo by Ruines Humaines should be released in a few days, it will be the first production by Atavism Records.

                A.R 001: Ruines Humaines: S/T

                Young french band formed in 2010 who will release its first eponymous demo. Ruines Humaines is composed of Omosceles and La Fomoire (from Pestiferum). They performed a raw, violent and cold Black Metal. Their music deals with disease and the mental degeneration. Discover this demo of 6 titles for 35 minutes of coldness and trip through the tortured spirits of these two entities which compose Ruines Humaines.
                Limited to 150 copies.

                Ruines Humaines Sample:


Label Indépendant Burgonde